A Moroccan wedding ceremony

This a special post. I have decided to publish one example of the  essay writing activity we did  in the classroom two or three weeks ago. My choice of the student’s writing does not mean that it was the best one or that the others were not good enough.  Not at all. Anyway you are all  welcome to contact me if you would like to contribute to this blog with either a written article, interesting pictures or even videos and I  will be happy to publish it.







Dear Vika,  

Thank you very much for your last e-mail in which you told me about an English wedding; really it was amazing and I loved it a lot. Now, it’s my turn to talk to you about a Moroccan one.

Last year, it was my cousin’s wedding, thus all the family, young and old were getting ready for that great event. The wedding took place in a big, well-decorated and brightly lit ball-room in Casablanca. I wore my best traditional clothes and put on the jewelry I had kept for events such as this one. As soon as we arrived to the ball room, the couple’s parents hurried to welcome us with big smiles. After exchanging greeting and congratulations we sat around a table where we were served dates and milk which are symbols of love and peace in Moroccan culture.

A few minutes later, we heard a loud beautiful pop music coming from outside. The groom and his bride were coming. All the guests stood up to applaud them. They were fantastic and incredibly beautiful. He, the groom, was wearing a beautiful “djellaba” and the bride looked like a princess in her luxurious kaftan and her golden crown and jewelry. She was like a star in the night sky. We spent an unforgettable evening there dancing, singing and taking photos with the bride and the groom and of course eating delicious dishes. The ceremony lasted until the early hours of the day, then we all left the ball-room and wished the married couple a happy honeymoon.

I hope that now you have a nice picture about the Moroccan traditions, Vika.

I am looking forward to your letter.

Best wishes

Your friend, Manal


(P.S. I have brought some minor changes to the original text. I hope Manal does not mind!)

By Elbenna M.

5 comments on “A Moroccan wedding ceremony

  1. Thanks Sir for posting my writing I have just see it now (what a pity) of course i don’t mind Sir.
    Thank you again^^

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